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Fleece Backed Butyl Reinforcing Tape

Fleece Backed Butyl Reinforcing Tape

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  • WHY OUR TAPE? - With our tape you get a tape that posses all the qualities of the other repair or sealing tapes, but you get an extra 15'. Our tape is fabric backed which allows the roof coating/sealant to adhere to the tapes backing unlike most tapes on the market. This allows you to truly get a fully seamless and waterproof membrane with a much better aesthetic.
  • MULTI-USE - Our tape is commonly used on RV roofs to seal or repair seams, cracks, and also to reseal around the roof accessories as well as many applications in commercial roofing on a wide variety of roof membranes.
  • EASY APPLICATION - Our product is a flexible, peel and stick tape making application very easy and straightforward. 


Our Fleece Backed Reinforcing Tape is a peel and stick tape designed for use over seams, cracks, or any other area that you would like additional reinforcement over. This product should be top coated with Flashing Grade, Marlin Silicone or Acrylic Top Coat.

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