How To Maintain Your RV's Roof with Marlin Coating's Products

RV Roof Maintenance with Marlin Coatings

As RV owners, preventative maintenance on the roof of your RV needs to be a priority. Our products provide a completely waterproof, long-lasting durable membrane that keeps your roof protected. Often times, many major issues stem from neglected roof maintenance. Even the smallest punctures can lead to significant damage and costly repairs. Whether you are hitting the open road or parked at a campground, your RV is exposed to harmful UV rays and at times extreme weather conditions. These two things are just a couple of the factors that take a toll on your roof and cause many roof sealants to weaken and break down.

It’s a good practice to inspect your roof at a minimum of three times a year. Here is what you want to check:

  • Any Cracks, Tears, Holes, or Punctures in the Roof Membrane
  • Excessive Dirt/Grime Buildup
  • Any Cracks or Voids around Seams and Seals.
  • Inspect Lap Sealant around Roof Vents, A/C Units, Solar Panels, & Other Roof Accessories
  • Ensure All Screws are Tight and Not Allowing Water to Seep In

More recently, construction of newer RV’s appear rushed and tend to lack the attention to detail when it comes to ensuring the roof sealants are applied correctly. Many of the products used from the factory and for sale at camping stores or dealerships require you to reseal your roof every couple of years because the sealants become weak and break down. This is easy to forget or push off which if ignored can end up causing you serious problems, costly repairs, and unneeded stress. 

Why You Should Choose Us

At Marlin Coatings, we want to help make your life easier with our products. Our 100% Silicone products are made to last and don't require recoating every couple years, saving you money in the long run! Unlike many products on the market, Marlin Coatings silicone products do not break down due to UV exposure or ponding water. This means with just one application to your RV’s roof; you can rest assured knowing that your investment will be protected for many years moving forward.

Our Bulletproof System

First, you want to ensure your roof is cleaned of all loose debris. From there, we suggest cleaning your roof with our RV Roof Cleaner and a soft/medium bristle brush. Thoroughly rinse the roof and allow time for the roof to completely dry.

*For EPDM Rubber Roofs, our EPDM Rinse Cleaner is specifically formulated to clean and prime aged EPDM Rubber Roof. This product when used as directed removes the toughest carbon buildup that is known to cause adhesion issues of the roof sealant, as well as primes the roof for application of the Top Coat.

Second, we recommend using our Silicone Flashing Grade to easily reseal around all the roof accessories. Once the old sealant is cleaned, our product can be applied directly over top of the old lap sealant with a brush. When comparing our product to something such as Dicor Caulk Tubes, our sealant last significantly longer and since our product is brush applied, you can get much better coverage and thickness which ensures you are completely waterproofed vs trying to create a bead the fully covers the area with a small caulk tube tip.

The last step of the process is application of the Top Coat. We recommend using our product, Marlin Coatings Silicone Top Coat – Spray Grade for RV applications. Our Spray Grade can rolled, brushed, or spray applied. The reason we recommend this product is because it is self-leveling and does not leave behind those dreaded roller markers. Our products don’t break down overtime, which means the additional benefits they yield will not diminish as the sealant ages. Most all roof sealants are reflective which will help keep inside your RV cooler, but over time most will degrade, and that reflectivity will slow fade away unlike our products.

If you are looking to repair, restore, or protect your roof, Marlin Coating’s products have you covered! Our products are your long-term waterproofing solution that will not disappoint. If you are interested or have any questions, we would love to help. All our products can be purchased through our website and can be found on Amazon.

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